Travelling to Machu Picchu in Luxury: The Hiram Bingham Train

Travelling to Machu Picchu can be done in several ways; however, there is one option that will offer you the upmost luxury and comfort along the way. This is with the Hiram Bingham. The Hiram Bingham is a train service from Cusco to Machu Picchu, run by the Orient Express and is an asset to any luxury travel vacation to Peru.

The Hiram Bingham departs from the Poroy train station, just outside of Cusco at 9 am every day. If you are lucky enough to have a seat on this carriage, you will be subject to a range of top class services in the upmost comfort and extravagance. If you are looking to splurge on your Peru holiday, then this is one way that will certainly do the trick. From the moment you enter the station, you immediately receive special treatment. A glass of sparkling wine or fresh orange juice is served to you by the ever -so- keen attendees, as you wait on the platform with the other passengers for the train to approach. Once you board the train the magic continues, as does the delicacies. You are seated at a pristinely set dining table, in preparation for the 3 course brunch that will shortly follow, and served yet more sparkling wine or fresh juice. The brunch features gourmet Peruvian fares, prepared by the onboard professional chef. This is accompanied by Peruvian wines and followed by exquisite dessert and coffee. This really is a Peru travel trip in luxury.

The train itself consists of two dining cars, an observation bar car and a kitchen car. Both the exterior and interior are designed to aesthetically impress, and this they certainly achieve. The blue and gold external paint work conjures impressions of royalty and grandeur, which are continued, as you board the train itself. The carriages are furnished in a 1920's Pullman style making you feel as though you have stepped back in time. Polished wooden interiors with plush upholstery are intended to provide the upmost comfort for the 3 hour journey to Machu Picchu. The observation car at the rear of the train, with its large windows and skylights, give you the opportunity to really experience the lush greenery of the impressive Peruvian landscape, as you journey along. If this doesn't capture your attention, there is on board entertainment provided by the rail company. This includes traditional Peruvian dance and music.

When you reach Aguas Calientes, at 12:30pm, you are escorted up the ruins on the buses that frequent every 10-15 minutes. This is included in your train ticket, as is your entrance tickets and trained guides for Machu Picchu. After exploring the breathtaking wonder of Machu Picchu, you are taken for afternoon tea at the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, the restaurant and hotel located adjacent to the ruins. This 5 star hotel is also part of the Orient Express family. If you are taking the train back that same day, you will be escorted back on the bus and subject to yet more pampering. The ride back includes a gourmet four-course meal, again with drinks and entertainment. You should arrive back in to the Poroy station just past 9pm in the evening.

This luxury travel package is certainly one designed to pamper and indulge. But, of course, this all comes at a price. The rates for low season 2013 (Jan 01-Mar 31 and Nov 15-Dec 31) are $734 for a round trip or $438 one-way. High season (Apr 01-Nov 14 and Dec 21- Dec 31) sees a slight increase at $757 roundtrip or $452 one-way. This is certainly not the least expensive way to travel to Machu Picchu, but it is the most luxurious.

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