Peru Tour Package- Avail the best from it

"Peru" one of the favored destinations is widely appreciated for its distinctive features. The city is bestowed with immense natural beauty, rich heritage, beautiful museum and many more. On travelling to Peru, you can explore the amazing sites of Machu Picchu, Cusco, Choquequirao, or Sillustani, fly over the Nazca Lines, venture into the Tambopata Rainforest, navigate through Lake Titicaca, or hike the Inca Trail. Moreover, you can also enjoy some outdoor activities on the coast, rivers, mountains, or jungle trail all the while discovering the wide variety of flora and fauna in Peru.

Now, exploring is just click away as there are many travel and tour operators available in Peru that offers holiday tour packages for tourists who wish to enjoy the blissful experience of the city. To explore Peru, you need the guidance of an expert tour organizer. These travel agencies offer innumerable Peru travel package that not only help in planning and booking your hotels and travel tickets, but will also make sure that you get the most from holidaying in Peru. Moreover, with the help of tour packages you can make your holiday memorable one. There are ample of tour packages that can be selected upon your choice. Take advantage of these tour packages, which offer our best deal on trips that explore all regions of this beautiful country.

These travel and tour operators also conduct personalized trip and offer you a special rate on your trip to Peru. Some of the best tour packages that you can avail from these tours operator are; family, adventure, luxury, culinary, history, culture, and nature tours. These are the best value in Peru travel and all the services are managed by expert team of professionals who have year long experience in the domain. They are dedicated to providing excellent service and making your travel planning as easy as possible. The vacation packages offered by these tours operator are very flexible and also offer you customize services so as to make the perfect vacation for you.

The Peru private tours organize everything for you and make sure that your accommodations are handled well. These tours operator create holidays keeping in mind your convenience, preferences, interests and time constraints. Right from mountains, beaches, forests, trekking trails, to almost everything, they offer a luxury vacation spot that's just right for you in Peru. They help you with every problem so that you can relax, chill and enjoy your holiday to the maximum.

While exploring Peru, you can experience the hidden beauty of the city and off course, you will always want to come back so that you can experience everything else that Peru vacation can offer to you. Peru offer its visitors with amazing experience, so each time you visit, you will be amazed by its beauty.

4 Peru Souvenier Ideas To Delight Your Friends and Family

A Peru vacation may seem like a nice time, but really it's a high pressure situation. Waiting for you back at home are your loved ones; you know if you return empty-handed you'll be confronted by ill-concealed looks of disappointment. Friends and family need souvenirs. Fact. But they don't just want something to put down amongst all the other foreign trinkets that they've been given, they are after something special. Something that they proudly show every time they invite guests over.

You're in luck; Peru has some incredible treasures waiting to be plundered, and you can take heart that your approach will be much nicer than the Spanish 500 years ago. Here are some of your options for impressive Peru souvenirs to delight your friends and family.

Peru pottery souvenirs
One of the most popular products in the world of crafts is pottery. Pottery is the main activity of Quinua, a town that is found 25 miles from Ayacucho. The uniqueness of these works is in the quality of the red and cream colored clay that makes for highly expressive pieces. The best-known pieces are small churches, houses, chapels and bulls called the Toro de Quinua. You can also find pieces that are figures of peasant farmers or have a variety of religious themes.

The 'Chulucana' pieces of the northern jungles by the Arabelas communities are created using particular methods such as beating the clay with a paddle that give it a special appeal. They make heavy use of the black color in their jars and also create characters such as dancers and magicians as well as animals that come alive in the hand-worked clay.

Another area of Peru that is famous for its pottery is Puno, known for its pottery bull figures (toritos de Pucara). The figures were originally used during cattle branding ceremonies as a ritual element, a flask that was used by the high priest to drink a special mixture made with the blood of the cattle. Churches, country chapels and homes are also feature items made by the potters of Puno, and pieces feature images of dancers, musicians and various types of flora and fauna from the area of Lake Titicaca.

Peru stone carving souvenirs
Materials found in Puno such as basalt, granite and andesite are used for stone carvings as well as a white alabaster more commonly called Piedra de Huamanga which is found in Ayacucho. A shortage of marble and porcelain caused the birth of the Huamanga stone carvings in colonial times. At that time, the carvings were mostly of the infant Christ and other religious themes but later on, artisans found the stone to be an excellent material for carving and started creating other religious motifs as well as Nativity scenes. Figures that are rougher in nature are carved primarily as souvenirs for visitors.

Peru mask souvenirs
Masks can be purchased from the southern Andes where they are created and are used in conjunction with a dancer' s costume. They are used primarily during festivals and depict angels, demons, Spaniards and various kinds of animals. Plaster, leather, wood, wire sheeting and tin make up the materials of masks and are as varied as their place of origin.

Peru wood carving souvenirs
The town of Molinos near Huancayo is one of the Peru' s current wood carving centers. The primary products include utensils, decorative pieces and toys as well as animals such as dusks, horses, roosters, lions and a variety of mythical beasts.

Bring back one of these from your Peru vacation, and you'll be greeted with squeals of delight. Happy hunting!

Mesmerize Yourself During Your Peru Holiday Tour

Although the largest city is its capital, Lima, there are a lot of holiday destinations in Peru to choose from and they vary greatly in terms of climate and ecosystem. Chiclayo, Huancayo, Cusco, Huaraz, Mancora, and these are just to name a few popular destinations in Peru.

When you pay a visit to Peru try make a trip its important places of the country but also try to visit some of its other places which are not know much to the outside world. Of course visiting Cusco and Machu Picchu is on the journey of any person undertaking their holidays, Arequipa and white buildings made of volcanic ash, and its nature reserve Paracas and, of course, the unsolved Nazca lines in the desert Nazca.

There are other places like Lima the capital city of the country. Lima Tours have much to offer travelers on vacation. It is an ancient city with inconceivable architecture, impressive churches and cathedrals and great nightlife. The city itself is very compelling and offers some good restaurants and places of interest, but what many people do not understand is that during their trip there is plenty to see and be seen in neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

On the border of the city of Lima is Miraflores, a district that overlooks the mighty Pacific Ocean. There are endless number of restaurants, museums and many travelers housing shelters in your Peru vacation like you. If you are photographer than here you can some excellent shot of the majestic view overlooking the Pacific Ocean, dinning fresh fish in a luxurious restaurant and find many spas, if you ever need to relax and revitalize before starting your Latin America travelin Peru.

Another great place to visit on your vacation is the Amazon region of Peru. Here you will fine many varieties of places to visit and do adventures activities in Peru Amazon. This thick and dense rain forest has large hotels deep in the Amazon if you like or near cities, if you feel more comfortable, you can even have a drink up in the trees on your trip.

In Cusco is one of the modern wonders of the world: Machu Picchu. This Inca fortress was hidden for centuries in the Western world, a place known by the natives and some historians in Peru. Today is the main attraction you will find in Cusco, along with the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. How do people build all this? It remains a mystery to this day as a building block is very heavy!

But when it comes to delicious food, we can not leave behind Chiclayo. Of the many places to visit in Peru, it is the one that conquered the stomach, and to prove once more the delicious "Seco de Cabrito". In Chiclayo visit the beautiful museum called "Lord of Sipan", which focuses on the discovery of a royal tomb in the area. All pieces are there for you to enjoy and like!

Thus it can be said that Peru Travel is a great way to spend your holidays with friends and family and at the same time have lots of fun and trekking excursions on your holiday. So ask your travel agent to give you best of best Peru travel packages.

For Luxury Honeymoons Nothing Beats Peru

Peru is the land of the ancient Inca civilisation and remains a vibrant, modern country. It is a country that easily blends a rich history with the dynamic culture of today, making Peru tours the ideal choice for luxury honeymoons, adventurous holidays and cultural sightseeing.

Whether you want to watch sunrise at the majestic ancient Inca citadel of Macchu Picchu, experience the excitement and diversity of the bustling city of Lima, see the stunning scenery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas from the Hiram Bingham Orient Express, explore the southern Peruvian Amazon, marvel at the beauty of the Incan capital Cusco, or see the unique culture of the Uros Indians on the waters of Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, Peru has something to intrigue and entice everyone.

With so much to see and do, Peru tours can be complex to arrange, and especially for those seeking luxury honeymoons the important thing is to take away the strain of organising a trip that takes in so many impressive and beautiful sights. Fortunately, travellers can now call on some holiday companies that know how to get the best out of Peru, and which can organise bespoke Peru tours that are designed to take in everything travellers want to see on their luxury honeymoons or adventure holidays.
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One such company is Jacada Travel, which is wholly focussed on creating tailor-made holidays and luxury honeymoons in Latin America. It provides exclusive tours, hires well-informed local guides and arranges all the logistics of travelling around a breathtaking country that is bound to surprise and fascinate anyone who visits it.

While many people think of Latin America as sun baked and hot, or covered in humid jungle, anyone experiencing Peru tours will quickly find out that Peru is so varied that it does not fit any stereotype. The driest months are from May to October, when it is ideal for outdoor pursuits, but it can be cool around Lima and in the high ground around Lake Titicaca, while baking hot in the lush and verdant valleys. As gateway to the Andes, Peru has high mountains, but it also has an awe-inspiring coastline and seemingly endless plains.

It also has its own individual style of cooking, an array of exotic wildlife, vibrant markets in the cities and remote ancient monuments that take you to another long-forgotten world. Anyone planning Peru tours, whether for luxury honeymoons, adventurous trips of exploration or relaxing cultural holidays can find what they are looking for, but only with the help of experts that can construct the ideal itinerary.

Whether you want to see wildlife or sites of archaeological interest, whether you want a luxurious honeymoon or a photographic expedition, there is a travel company out there that understands everything that Peru has to offer and can build the ideal trip for you. A honeymoon, a family holiday, a luxury trip down the Inca trail or a tour of Peru's mountain kingdoms are all possible and will be full of sights that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

A trip to Peru - Experience something beyond imagination and the unusual during vacations

Every vacation season brings an excitement to the life of people and specially those professionals who desperately needs a break from their corporate life. The idea of not working and having fun during vacation brings out the child out in everybody's personality. However, even a vacation tour can go boring if you are not doing something unusual or extraordinary during that time. The motive behind taking holidays for people remains to relax and rejuvenate their tired senses with maximum fun-filled activities. Thus, choosing Peru for your next holiday tour can be a great idea to enjoy a memorable vacation trip.

Peru is an amazing destination that offers everything to make your trip the most memorable one of your life. A travel to Peru can be one of your lifetime experiences having aroused your passion and zeal for life during holiday trip. Peru offers all those activities that a persona can carry out to make his tour filled with excitement, entertainment, thrill and adventure leading to ultimate fun, relaxation and rejuvenation of their tired mind, body and soul. The very first thing peculiar about this destination is the mesmerizing nature with perfect blend of flora and fauna making people's love for greenery and wildlife come alive. For photography enthusiasts and people who are close to nature, this place is no less than a blessing.

Besides, there are many thrilling and adventurous activities that a person can carry out to take their experience on a level beyond imagination. Activities like trekking, mountaineering, horse riding and cycling are highly enjoyed by tourists during Peru trips to enjoy the best of the moments. Also, there is enriched archaeological aspect of Peru that excites maximum tourists towards the great civilization, ancient sites with exciting legacy and interesting stories. It makes their trip an exhilarating event. However, to enjoy the best in this tourism rich destination, it is also important to ensure that your other basic necessities are taken care well to enjoy a hassle free trip.

It includes the best accommodation, dining and travelling facility to ensure a luxurious and flawless tour. However, it becomes difficult for tourists to arrange all these things easily, being a stranger to the place. Thus, there are many online travel agencies who are offering their customized services to arrange the best Peru trips for you. Such service providers add to the joy of vacation by providing you tailor-made solutions for an unperturbed trip. Be it luxurious stay, comfortable travel, dining or arranging the best tour packages for tourist's leisure and adventure activities, they make sure that their client enjoy the best services and affordable travel Peru. So choose the service provider judiciously to arrange the best yet economical trip to Peru.