Vegetarian and Vegan Diet Concerns While Traveling in Peru

For people with selective diets, such as vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan, there may be concerns about the feasibility of maintaining the diet while traveling. My experiences as a mostly raw vegan were that this really isn't a problem. Finding fresh fruits and veggies is easier than in most places in the United States. Every city that I visited, no matter the size, had a central market that was open daily. Some cities also had a weekly street market where vendors filled the streets with their products.

These markets are where the locals shop for most of their needs. The fixed markets, that is, those that are open daily consist of "puestos" or stands, that are individually owned. They are usually located inside a covered tent-like structure. Many puestos make fruit smoothies in a blender or prepare non-vegetarian or cooked food on a grill. Here you can buy locally grown fruit and take it back to your room to eat when you are hungry.

Most of these markets are centrally located. The employees at your hostel or hotel can usually give you directions. The market en Lima is off the tourist path a ways but well worth the trek. It's in a huge cement structure that looks like a parking garage with ramps that go up to different levels. Here you can get anything and it's the only place in Peru that I could find bubble wrap.

When selecting produce, it is recommended to stick to fruits and vegetables that have a peel. This way the food is protected from bacteria and germs. So things like strawberries, tomatos, celery or lettuces is best to avoid. Examples of foods that I ate: avocados, bananas, cucumbers, cherimoyas, mamays, mangos and papayas. I learned to travel with my own ceramic peeler.

If you eat in the restaurants, you'll want to learn the names of food items on a menu so you don't accidentally order something you don't want to eat. I found this to be challenging as many of the words on the menus were regional. You may have to interrogate the server. Although most restaurants are willing to accommodate special requests, you really have to be clear and specific what your needs are. The waitstaff may not understand the nature of your request. If they bring out something that contains cheese and you are a vegan, you can either eat around it or ask them to replace it. Keep in mind that the service is usually snail-paced in Peruvian restaurants so you may have to wait a long time. It is best to go into restaurants realizing that you may have to compromise. If there is any doubt, order a simple salad.

Most tour guidebooks have recommendations for vegetarian restaurants, including the world-wide Hare Krisha chain Govinda. (There's one in Lima, Miraflores, and Cusco.) I even found some vegetarian restaurants in some of the smaller towns like Máncora and Piura. Most grocery stores have a "healthfood" section which is little more than a few shelves of vegetarian treats like soy-based cookies and snacks.

I also enjoyed eating some of the street food. This of course is much cheaper than the restaurants but can be a bit dangerous if you are eating meat. The conditions aren't that sanitary, and I'm a certified food handler so I know what I'm talking about. They may not be washing the knives after cutting raw meat, etc. It's much safer to eat vegetarian food if you are going to eat the street food. There is a quinoa soup that street vendors sell in Lima which is delicious. And in the Andes it is common to find stands that sell a dish (I forget the name) that contains corn, onions and tomato. It's really simple, but delicious.

One of my favorite things to do in Peru is to have a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning. Many of the cities I visited have orange juice stands. The vendor puts an orange in a vice and spins it manually against a blade to peel it. Then he or she puts the peeled orange in a press and squeezes out the juice. The juice goes into a bucket and when there is enough juice, they pour it into a glass. The self-contained cart even carries a place to wash the glasses after the customer finishes the drink. In most places a glass of juice only costs 1 sole (about 33 cents) but in Lima, especially in the morning they charge 2 soles.

Another treat if you can find it is freshly pressed sugar cane juice. I found a stand that sells this in Chiclayo and a roving stand (on wheels) in Huaraz. The one in Chiclayo used an electric motor, but the roving stand was pressed by hand. It is delicious.

In summary, eating a vegetarian or vegan diet in Peru is really easy. It definitely helps if you know enough Spanish to talk to the waitstaff or street vendors about the ingredients. The produce in the markets is usually fresh and abundant. And it's cheap! Just remember to keep smiling when the locals call you a rabbit (for eating rabbit food!)

Peru Travels - Backdrop and Well-known Details

The following general information offers you an analysis of the land before having the Peru tourdates.HistoryThe thing about Peru is that it links with the oldest civilizations of this world. The truth is, the main points of attention for Peru organized tours are the archaeological spots of pre-Colombian cultures. well guided organized excursions in Peru will as a rule embrace a call to the hub of the traditional Inca's Empire spot that give proof to among the oldest cultures of human.

Weather ConditionsPeru has 3 many types of climatic areas. The coast of Peru is dry and chilly due to the freezing currents flowing at the South Pacific ocean bordering the country. The area receives less than 50mm of rainfall throughout the year making it a dry region with little vegetation cover. The coastline has cliffs and it is stony, possibly not so beneficial for coastline Peru organized excursions.

Peru other weather region is the Andes mountain district. The mountains raise to above 6,700 m above ocean level making the area one of the uppermost in the globe. Around the hills, rainfall is consistent and their weather is sweet for agricultural and stock raring. The third climatic area in Peru would be the Amazon river jungle. The area comes just after the tremendous mountain place and it has a thick jungle of steamy rain jungles. Not many people reside along the river basin. The general climatic condition in Peru is often heat because it is close to the equator. However, if you happen to take guided tours in Peru, you'll be directed of the specific weather to expect at specific districts and at specific instances of the yr.

RegionsThere're many regions one could find out while taking advised travels in Peru. The state occupies 1,285,216 sq. km and has a population of 29.5 persons. Main cities inside the countryside can include the capital, Lima, which is as well the most important city along the Pacific coast. Many other cities embrace Cusco, Huaraz, Iquitos, Pisco plus Puno. The EconomyDespite the fact that the state is rich in natural resources and high income from advised trips in Peru, the country is a rising region with 36% of its inhabitants living below the IMF poverty limit. The nation is also known for the wide disparity between the poor and the wealthy and 12.6% of the population is claimed to be extraordinarily poor with a very small proportion of rich Hispanic elite managing many of the riches and resources. When you plan on taking Peru organized tours for holiday vacation, you will need to adhere to varied journey suggestions associated with traveling to developing nations.

This consists of extreme caution when reserving a lodge, taking meals from having places, drinking tap water and extreme caution when touring through several regions.The PlacePeru has various pretty spots for Peru travels. These consist of Machu Picchu, an archaeological spot, the Colca Canyo, which undoubtedly is an attractive panorama environment with animals and lovely plant life. It's also possible to take a trek or hike on these places via well guided excursions of Peru. Other Peru organized tours attractions consist of the Manu nationwide park, the Nazca line, Cuzo the sacred valley, Lake Titicaca plus the Amazon river.

10 Movies to Watch Before Departing for a Peru Vacation

Peru's famed author, Mario Vargas Llosa, made headlines when he recently won the Noble Prize for Literature. His novels and other Peruvian books are excellent reads anytime, but especially before you travel to Peru. For those of you who would rather watch a movie than read a book, there are many options, both of adaptations of Llosa's works, as well as others. While not all are entirely historically accurate, they do provide great entertainment and will get you excited for your thrilling vacation to South America.

1) Pantaleón y las vistadoras (Capitan Pantoja and the Special Services): This adaptation of Mario Vargas Llosa's book is the highest grossing film ever at Peru's box offices. This entertaining film is about Captain Pantaleón's secret mission to stop assaults in Peru's jungles.

2) Paloma de Papel (Paper Dove): This film analyzes the horrors of the Shining Path guerilla terrorism. A young boy, Juan, is kidnapped and forced to join the fanatical Maoist group. The setting of the Andean highlands will prepare you for a vacation in the beautiful region, despite the dismal topic. While the story has some overly dramatic moments, it is worth a watch.

3) La boca del lobo (In the Mouth of the Wolf): Another film about the struggle against the Shining Path. This film follows the army troops in a small Andean town during the start of the Shining Path. It is a thrilling must-see for those interested in Peru's troubled domestic history.

4) No se lo digas a nadie (Don't Tell Anyone): This 1998 film is the story of Joquin, a young man in Lima. He struggles to confront his homosexuality in a homophobic society.

5) Contracorriente (Undertow): Released in 2010, this film won a number of awards. It is a homosexual love story set on Peru's beautiful northern coast. A love triangle always makes for a good movie.

6) Madeinusa: Named for the main character, a Peruvian village teenager named Madeinusa. The film covers the powerful mystical rituals of Peru's Andes, as well as chronic alcohol, domestic, and sexual abuse in rural towns.

7) Dioses (Gods): A dramatic film that portrays the empty lives of the Lima upper class. The heavy theme of incest could be considered unusual and at times upsetting, but the good acting, quality dialogue, and excellent cinematography make for a decent film.

8) Días de Santiago (Days of Santiago): An ex-soldier named Santiago returns to Lima after combat and finds himself lost. The young man faces unbelievable struggles back home, and it seems to him as if war was preferable alternative. The film follows him has he works as a taxi driver, enrolls in a lousy institute, and protects his abused sister-in-law. Sadly, it seems nothing can go right for him.

9) Mariposa negra (Black Butterfly): This gripping movie follows Gabriela, a school teacher seeking revenge for the murder of her fiancé. Made in the 1990s, this movie is about corruption and revenge, and at times is dark but sexy.

10) La Teta Asustada (The Milk of Sorrow): Peru's first Oscar nominated films deserves all the attention it received. It follows the character Fausto, a girl struggling to properly bury her mother. Set in the outskirts of Lima, the dramatic war movie has eerie Quechua melodies and a great plot.

A travel in Peru will provide the best touring experience to your travelling addiction

Peru has been one of the most visited tourist destination in the whole world. Peru has been providing immense pleasure to all its visitors as it has numerous sites to visits from which some of the sites are a part of the world heritage. Machu Picchu and the Cusco Peru are the best places to travel in Peru. The Inca treks are renounced all over the world. Apart from the Cusco Peru, the ruins of Ollantaytambo and Moray Inca are some other ancient spots to be visited.

The Peru travel and agencies provide different kinds of travel packages that cover all the tourist sites of the country. There are many tourist destinations that bring the people closer to the Peruvian civilizations. Some of the best Peruvian destinations that must be visited include Arequipa and some volcanic buildings, the nazca desert and the paracas. Nearly all the tourist packages in Peru cover the Lima. Lima is the capital of Peru and is regarded as one of the best area s of the nation. The art and architecture of the city has made it famous all over the world.

The Amazon in Peru and some wonderful hotels adds to the most desired tourist spot of the country. Another spot that must be looked around is the pisac. Pisac is located at a distance of 45 minutes away from the Cusco. This amazing spot that is located in a sacred valley provides with the best sights of the terrace farming and some stonework on the temples of the ancient period. Picas is also famous for its market held on Sunday where such items and products are available that lures all the tourists from all around the world.

But it is always advisable to travel along with a reputed travel agent who will provide you with glimpse of some never seen sights in the whole country. The travel agencies also provide city tours to some places like Plaza de Armas, the Spanish cathedral, and some brilliant views of Inca ruins of Koricancha, Quenko, Puca Pucara, and Sacsayhuaman.

There are some other districts in Cusco that famous even in the neighborhood nations and one such district of Cusco is the San Blas. San Blas provides an attractive view of the architecture of the place. Apart from the architecture San Blas also has some lucrative shops and some wonderful restaurants placed on the side of the streets. This district of Cusco was severely damaged from the earthquake of 1950 but efforts were made to restore the glory of the district and in 1993 this place developed even at a much fast pace and today is known to be the trendiest districts of the Cusco. This district is also full with some lovely hotels.

South America Travel – Vacation Trip to Peru

A trip to Peru is fascinating and magical. Travel Peru’s varied scenery, from desert coastline to lush mountains and fertile valleys, sampling its tasty seafood and absorbing its ancient culture among the most interesting experiences in South America. Sightseeing in Peru is an other-worldly experience. It offers a plethora of scenic landscapes as well as a cultural mix that is evident in both the architecture and customs. The first taste makes the traveler curious to know more.

Visit Machu Picchu, the most recognized settlement of the Incas, located in the southern Peruvian Andes in a unique and mystical setting. Touring this holy place is to witness an archaeological site with architectonic and engineering innovations which have survived the ages. There are no words to describe the magnificence of such a scene which has become one of the most highly sought destinations for tour operators in Peru.

Cordillera Blanca is the perfect place for trekking, climbing, cycling, rafting or to simply enjoy the highest mountain in Peru. Huascaran National Park includes the whole Cordillera Blanca above 4.000 m and due of its character of Unesco World Biosphere Reserve, visiting this part of central Peru is a dream comes true for nature and archeology lovers.

The famous Nazca lines, located in the southwest of the country, are a set of gigantic ancient zoomorphic and geometric figures, some simple and others more complex. All images are mapped onto the surface and can be seen in their entirety only from the air. There are more questions than answers about how between 200 BC and 700 inhabitants of this desert were able to draw such immense images on the ground. Close by is located Cerro Blanco, which, with a height of 2078 m is the highest dune in the world, an ideal destination for sand boarding and paragliding in Peru.

Peru is a country with a strong indigenous tradition that can be seen in the colorful markets where each item can be viewed as a small masterpiece. Pisac, a small town located in the Sacred Valley, is one of the best ways to see how the Quechua tradition is experienced today. Pisac´s Sunday Market is well-known and is ideal for having direct contact with locals who are selling their products. At the same time, Pisac is an ideal starting point for tour to Peru, visiting archaeological sites, breathtaking scenery and the local flora and fauna.