Adrenalin Sports - The Trend of Extreme Tourism

There are all types of tourism. Since extreme sports have become a new trend in the 1990s, there is a new option to take an Extreme vacation adventure. Here you will have a chance to try many different extreme sports in a short amount of time.

Being offered at a group rate gives the traveler a lower cost initiative and the privacy of doing it in a group instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. How do these vacation packages work, and what do they offer?

One such vacation is to go Sand boarding. Sand boarding parks exist in Brazil, Oregon and Peru, to name a few, so forget about having to find a suitable desert. The Middle East or South Africa have plenty of naturally sandy dunes to board down.

Scuba Dive the Titanic! If you loved the movie, did you ever fantasize checking out the wreckage for yourself? Well, you can. The Russian research ship will take you to the spot of the ship, and submersibles will allow you to drop down in this high pressure area.

Speaking of the movies, Thrill seekers Unlimited offers a Hollywood Stunt Man's Holiday. One week is provided. You pump iron and try your hands at stunt acting! It includes using the harnesses the real stuntmen use, and learning some getaway car style driving techniques.

Another big film of the 1970s, Jaws, may have fascinated you. Remember the scene when the shark attacks the man in the cage? Well, if believe it or not, Shark Cage Diving KZN is willing to make your dream come true. Now you can be the man in the cage! His teeth are all made of rubber - right? It starts out as a one hour dive, so you can observe the Great Whites in action. They are guaranteed to pass very close to your cage and give you the once over. If you really like it, you can go back down again for a longer period of time.

Space Tourism exists for the very rich, with a $200,000 ticket entry fee. Zero gravity flights are available to take you into space on a suborbital flight. This is available through Virgin Galactic and is expected to be launched during the first half of 2013.

Did you ever dream of going where no man has ever been before? Helicopter Skiing enables you to do this. The helicopter pilot delivers you to the mountain's highest heights! Imagine a 6,500 foot mountain peak skiing adventure in the areas above the moguls. Now imagine untouched, pristine white powder at the mountain's uppermost echelons. This excursion comes along with a guide and can be managed as an all-inclusive package or a pay-per-lift option. It is best for mountains in Italy and British Columbia.

If you still feel the ice attraction, go to an Igloo Village where you will actually sleep several days in an igloo! This all takes place on the Greenland peninsula, home of the indigenous Inuit people. Live near the polar bear, walrus, wolves, oxen and much more, courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures.

If you want to climb Kilimanjaro, then contact Kilimanjaro Climbing Company. They specialise in guided expeditions to Kilimanjaro and can give you information on the cost of climbing kilimanjaro, available routes, and more.

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